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Owning a website these days is necessary when it comes to circulating ideas, promoting a new business or just remaining up to date with the latest tendencies. Since emails have substituted paper letters long ago and people check more or less everything online, it is a wise idea to create a web page where customers can get informed about you or your business - this is a way to get closer to them, to explain to them what you think or what you offer. Let's take a glance at what you demand in order to launch a site and the various web site hosting services that allow you to accomplish that.

This brings us to the second service that you require for your web portal aside from the domain name - the web hosting service itself. To put it simply, this is the storage space on a company's hosting server where your website files will be hosted. When you type in a web browser, you will in fact observe the web site files kept in your account with a web hosting firm. In fact, the web site hosting service is much more than that. It is a set of all the services that make your website become accessible on the Internet.

Domain Registration

One of the most vital requirements for building a successful online presence is the domain registration. It is what people will spot first when they chance upon your site and what they will link you with. The domain should be easy to memorize, but should also be something that notifies your web page's visitors what the website is about.

A domain typically is composed of two constituents - a Top-Level Domain Name (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain Name (SLD). If you have, for example, ".com" is the Top-Level Domain Name and "domain" is the Second-Level Domain. There are several sets of Top-Level Domain Names that you should examine prior to selecting the domain you desire. Your selection should be built upon the purpose of your web site and on its target viewers. Let's have a look at the gTLDs, or generic TLDs - these are the most widespread Top-Level Domains meant to signify a specific intention - .com (business organizations), .net (networks), .biz (companies), .info (informational sites), .org (organizations of a non-commercial character), .mobi (mobile devices), .asia (the Asia-Pacific region), .name (individuals or families), .pro (specific professions), etc. As you can see, these Top-Level Domains encompass most realms of life, so you should choose the one that would express the objective of your website best. There is no restriction as to who can register such domains, but some of them contain additional requirements to demonstrate that you are eligible to register such a TLD (.mobi and .pro, for example).


Nowadays it has become very easy to develop a website by yourself with all the free-of-charge web design layouts that are obtainable on the Internet together with free-of-charge web apps that are suitable even for novices. Hence, lots of new web sites are being created every day, incl. weblogs - where the moderator can comment on a variety of topics that suggest themselves, and photo galleries - where everybody can publish photos and the stories behind them on the web. These web sites must be hosted someplace and one suitable web hosting choice is a virtual web hosting server.

VPS signifies Virtual Private Servers and it functions like a dedicated hosting server in terms of management because you are given root-level access with an option to restart the VPS hosting server distantly. The VPS shares system resources with other virtual private hosting servers that are accommodated on the same physical server. This results in a very affordable price, which is several times cheaper than that of a dedicated server and is in fact closer to shared hosting plans in terms of prices.

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