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Valentino Rock’n Rose

The fashion house of Valentino Garavani has launched their product Rock ‘n Rose in 2006. The perfumer Francoise Caron has created this fragrance. The scent is inspired by the new generation of women… Looking like a real rose outside and being a rocker inside. A front of the Rock ‘n Rose perfume is the Swedish model Mona Johannesson. The advertisement is full of dynamic and sensitiveness. Mona Johannesson is sitting in front of a lens taking pictures automatically. She is so inspired and looks like a young girl spreading the feeling of freshness and freedom. At the end she just takes off the black dress she is wearing and takes one light pink rose. The end shows how she covers her breasts with the leaves of the rose.

Valentino Rock ‘n Dreams

Rock ‘n Dreams is the fourth fragrance from the romantic series that includes Rock‘n Rose, Rock‘n Rose Couture, Rock‘n Rose pret a porter. The fashion house of Valentino has launched it in the stores in April 2009. Ilias Ermenidis is the perfumer who has created this composition. The beautiful Norwegian model Siri Tollerod becomes a front of the advertising campaign. The advertisement itself is provocative and erotic. Siri Tollerod is with a couple of friends. The three of them are dressed in white and the background is full of large colorful elements. The white color and the stylish flowers are really an important part of the Rock ‘n Dreams presentment. While talking the other two girls start touching Siri. One of them is caress her hair while the other one pulling her vest. At this moment Siri seems to start dreaming… she is inspired by a feeling brought by the scent of the perfume…

Lanvin Marry Me

The fashion house of Lanvin has launched their fragrance Marry Me in August 2010. The choice of this hot summer month is definitely not a random one – this is the middle of the wedding season. The perfumer Antoine Maisondieu has created this fragrance. The accent is on the romantic and the sentimental enthusiasm that comes with the words: ‘Will you marry me?’
Julien Sabaud and Heloise Guerin take part into the advertising campaign. They are both French models – young, beautiful and charming. In the ad they are happy and smiling. They are riding a bicycle – the girl is navigating and the boy is behind her and is hugging his love heart. They are passing through a park, laughing, enjoying each other and often looking at each other in order to check and make sure that everything is Ok. Heloise Guerin is dressed in a white satin dress and Julien Sabaud – with a white shirt and bright pants. Despite the fact that they are riding a bicycle they look as if they have just got engaged or are planning to do that. The music is a light melody and a casual whistling. When you are in love everything seems to be easy, spontaneous and achievable.

Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum

The fashion house of Gucci has launched their fragrance Gucci Eau de Parfum in 2002. Using the idea of Tom Ford, the perfumer Daniela Roche – Andrier creates the fragrance composition. During the presentment of Gucci Eau de Parfum, Ford claims that what he wanted is to launch on the market a fragrance that is very very Gucci and also really feminine and elegant. He is really confident to add that the for each woman that is wearing it this will be the perfume of her life.
Michael Soo is a photographer of the commercial pictures while a front of the fragrance is the beautiful model Celeste. About her and the photo shooting Michael Soo says that she possesses an irresistible zest and ability to disclose. That is the reason why he has been looking for her wild and open-minded side. On one of the pictures Celeste’s hair is flying across her face and her look is so deep and enigmatic. Michael Soo adds that for this splendid picture has contributed also Jorge – the makeup artist. The most difficult task while doing the makeup is when it is really hard to say whether there is a makeup and model looks splendid. Here the three of them – the model, the makeup artist and the photographer have made a great job as the picture is more than powerful.

Gucci Gucci Eau de Parfum II

In 2004 – two year after the presentment of the Gucci Eau de Parfum (2002) the fashion house has launched the second one from the series – Gucci Eau de Parfum II. The perfumer Antoine Maisondieu is the actual designer of the composition. There are two commercial campaigns. One of them is black and white such and the Japanese model and actress Ai Tominaga is the front of this commercial. She has been photographed naked with her hair falling around. However this is not really that erotic but more is a reminder for the freshness and femininity. In the other commercial it is the Ukrainian model Snejana Onopka who is the front of the advertisement. Dressed elegantly with a heavy make-up. She is staring at the lens but at the same time is holding a mirror showing her face in profile. One of the messages of this picture might be that the Gucci Eau de Parfum II is exactly as we see it – calm, confident, very sexy and charming. The double vision matches the number in the name of the perfume – it might turn out that also its style and features are doubled.