Xbox Racing Simulator

The authentic power of video driving simulation games

Current Xbox racing simulators are not being valued enough. These amazing driving simulations are so faithful. At first sight you can scarcely discern it's a play and not a genuine F1 race, for example! Sadly, these kinds of racing video games are not being really recognized and evaluated by most of the home video game racing aficionados worldwide.

Thumbsticks are not the appropriate alternative for the home racing simulation game aficionados

Why is it like that? The explanation is plain. Playing with the typical video game controllers everybody keeps at their houses, does not produce the true realism these amazing video games truly do deliver to you. And they bring a lot. Way more than you can suppose, at least until you uncover the true excitement held inside every one of them...

How do you accomplish complete realism when playing home driving games?

Just attempt to stay as near as you can to the normal racing posture, like being in a real-life race car. Living room divans, various stands, armchairs and secretaries will not do the job like an authentic PS3 gaming seat will.

The real-life driving context has nothing in common with household sofas, armchairs, writing tables and stands...

The real driving setting is nothing close to the abovementioned household settees, seats, desks and benches, isn't it? So, at least you should attempt to have the correct driving position. If you do not, you will not be able to experience the true potential and joy the contemporary home video car racing games are distributing. It's as plain as that.

Xbox Racing Simulator

A correct racing stance and convenience

Driver's convenience is always a key issue when it comes to playing your best-loved computer racing games at home. Therefore you must seriously consider the possibility of having a racing game seat in your home. You will swiftly discover the vast difference before and after racing with the car racing simulator seat. Of all car seat simulators, OpenWheeler PS3 gaming chair conveys the best driving comfort. Each car racing game simulator on the marketplace distributes an appropriate driving stance, but you will obtain the most for your cash with OpenWheeler without a doubt.

You will need the car driving chair for a greater racing experience

Because the PS3 racing simulator chairs market is not overcrowded with rivals, the very few participants there provide varied payment rates. Generally, the racing simulators are not cheap things. Mostly because of the very poor market interest. The payment rate is indeed vast, from £200-£300 GBP ($300-$500 US dollars) for OpenWheeler, to the stupefying 26,000 pounds (more than 42,000 USD!) for VisionRacer. Do not get frustrated by this immense price differentiation. If you are a pro football or basketball player (i.e. the charge is your final worry in this World), VisionRacer is the proper racing game chair for you. In all other cases, OpenWheeler will do exactly the same task for you for only 1% of VisionRacer's price (270 pounds vs. 26,000 British Pounds). Otherwise said, with OpenWheeler, at first gaze, you acquire a lot more than what you are paying for...

The OpenWheeler video game racing cockpit

First off, OpenWheeler is made in America and/or Great Britain, based on where you placed the order: America (,,, and so on) or Europe (,,, etc.).
Second, the OpenWheeler game PS3 racing seat is delivered nearly mounted and in 10 minutes probably you might be set to race!
Thirdly, presumably the most important thing, OpenWheeler contains by default the following convenience features you will not discover in other game racing cockpit simulators like PlaySeat, GameRacer, GTO Omega Racing, VisionRacer, etc.:
- a bending back
- a rail gliding seat
- front-side wheels (on the pedal platform) for better motility
OpenWheeler also boasts (as most of the other driving game seats):
- a telescopic home driving game wheel assembly
- an adaptable pedal structure

A flexible back

Not included in other video game chairs on the marketplace. OpenWheeler is one of the innovators which presented a genuine driving seat offering a bending back feature. Taking advantage of it, you can sit conveniently, like in a real racing car.

Gliding rails

Another thing which is added into the default setup. Once again introduced by OpenWheeler. Not present in other racing cockpits. Playseat demands more cash and you must mount it yourself, which honestly is a quite tough assignment! It's a do-it-yourself task...
You will find out that the gliding railway plate is quite comfortable! You can slide the seat about 10-15 centimeters forwards and backwards, rendering the entry into the racing simulator universe a piece of cake.
OpenWheeler can be adapted quckly for the next car driving simulation game player. In fact, for merely a few secs!

Fantastic transportability thanks to stroller-like front-side wheels

Moving around is easy with OpenWheeler PS3 driving seat. This is another quite clever guess, still quite on the spot. Not present in any other racing game simulator on the market. Rather than raising the whole car driving game chair, all you have to do is gently lift the back of the game driving chair and move it towards any destination you would like.

A flexible (telescopic) video game driving wheel and pedals

The video driving simulation game wheel column moves up and down and inward and backward. The pedal mount shifts inward and backward. You can regulate both driving wheel and pedal mechanisms to fit you best, attaining utmost driver convenience... and realism.

Xbox Racing Simulator

OpenWheeler works with all navigation wheels on the marketplace at the moment, from the most inexpensive, entry stage ones to the industry's best video driving simulation game wheels: Thrustmaster T500 RS, G25, G27, Logitech Force GT and Fanatec Porsche.

Compatibility with all sorts of video game platforms and car racing games

Acquiring the most of the current home video driving car simulation games has never been so possible. Modern-day ultra powerful video game platforms such as PlayStation 3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii, bring matchless realism and terrific experience for the racing simulation game addicts. Unfortunately, not really reflected in the appropriate manner through the thumbstick controllers every video game console has. Have a short ride for a lap or two with OpenWheeler and you will really understand what's being offered by today's top video driving games!